Carl Sagan

by Sage from St. Clair

Carl Sagan (Internet)
Carl Sagan (Internet)

A hero should be someone who has done great things, and by doing great things, leaving inspiration to those who want to be great. Such a man to have existed is Carl Sagan. For 50 years of Carl Sagan’s life he has left an everlasting foot print in the field of science.

A popularizer of science, Carl Sagan has done many great things to improve the way scientists think. Carl Sagan is my hero for his vast accomplishments such as an advisor to NASA to making extreme breakthroughs in exobiology and planetary sciences. He has revolutionized the way scientist think. To me, this is amazing beyond belief. Most people accomplish only one or two of these things in their lifetime. Carl Sagan did it in one lifetime. He has shown that people are powerful and capable of anything as long as they set their mind to it, no matter what anyone else may think (

Perseverance is definitely a heroic quality, not to mention that it shows courage and strength in standing for up for what you believe in. Carl Sagan’s ideas for the time period he lived in (1934-1996) were not accepted, in fact many people scoffed and laughed at Dr. Sagan’s strange proposals. Against the controversies and all odds, he still went through, published his ideas, and became the most popular scientist by 1970. He has even won the Pulitzer Prize for best written science book in the English language. Carl Sagan is my hero and has inspired me to follow in his footsteps and pick up where he left off.

Because of Carl Sagan, I'm now inspired to follow in his footsteps in the field of science. Dr. Sagan has helped me in choosing my career path as an exobiologist and astrophysicist. This has also helped me determine what college I want to go to. When I'm older I hope to accomplish as much or more than Carl Sagan. One day, the younger generation will be inspired by me as I once was by Carl Sagan.

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