Teachers Heroes

Carol Sample

by Becca from Elgin

There are many characteristics that a good teacher has, and in my opinion, this teacher was the best. Mrs.Sample is my favorite teacher at Pontiac. She shared everything with her students, and I mean everything. She even told us when she went on a diet! Her favorite kind of candy is M&M's, and I know that I gained at least five pounds from M&M's that year. She had one daughter, Carrie, and she was losing weight for Carrie's wedding so that she could fit into the dress she wanted to wear.

She was a brilliant math teacher. She would let us do these things, like models, and in about five minutes even a two year old would understand. She made most of us know math like the back of our hand. Expecially the multiplcation facts, because my third grade teacher would not let us live without knowing those. To her, it was like we were going to die if we didn't know them.

Ms.Sample was not only a teacher, she was a friend. I remember when I was in fourth grade, (not in third grade any more...) and I went with my gifted and talented class to a trip to Main Street. She decided to be the chaperone with Mrs.Heddy for the field trip. She was so much fun. We looked at the historical buildings, ate at a really good Italian restaurant, and inconvienietly got back to school at 1:30 so we still had about an hour to go, but it was so fun.

Mrs. Sample was not only a brilliant math expert, but she was an awesome science teacher, too. I remember when we did a unit on volcanoes, and my friends and I all got together in a group. We made this awesome paper mache volcanoe, and it spewed out lava,(or something close to lava). Anyways, Mrs. Sample supported us through all of that, too.

I am now in fifth grade and have never met someone quite like Mrs. Sample. Now, instead of being a third grade math teacher, she is our school math coach and sets up lots of fabulous programs that recognize our stupendous math students. Therefore, Mrs.Sample is my hero, and she is a great math teacher, too.

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