Literary Heroes

Calogero Scalise

by Kayonna from Pickerington

The American flag, blowing in the breeze.
The American flag, blowing in the breeze.

A hero is not only someone who appears in comic books, but is someone we look up to in our everyday lives. They save us from our own problems and make the world a nicer place. Heroes are here so others have someone to look up to, someone to be like in the future.

I think it's very important to have a hero. Heroes solve problems and are there for admiration. If there were more heroes in the world, there wouldn't be poverty in Africa and other countries. There wouldn't be fighting in the Middle East. There wouldn't be economic issues in America. There wouldn't be anything to worry about if there were more heroes.

Calogero is a hero for many reasons. No matter what problems he faced, Calogero sought that his friends and family would make it through. He puts everyone first, especially Patricia. "I will be anything she wants me to be." (Napoli 189) Calogero is never afraid to be himself, too. Joseph says (but about an alligator), "He is honest."(Napoli 118) And finally, Calogero is brave. He risked his life to make sure that his cousin, Cirone, stayed safe and out of trouble during the alligator hunt.

Calogero Scalise is my hero for different reasons. Calo is the kind of person that could be friends with anyone. In his eyes, everyone is equal. He would accept you as you are, no strings attached. Calogero will always be there by your side. For example, Calo is in love with Patricia who is Black. Calogero is Sicilian. They can't be together in public but he doesn't care as long as she loves him back. If people would only see through Calogero's eyes, there wouldn't be any racial problems today.

The beautiful coastlines of Sicily. (
The beautiful coastlines of Sicily. (

Q: Do you feel comfortable in America?
A: I'm not really sure. I wish that the Jim Crow laws never existed so I actually could've been comfortable.
Q: Would you have stayed in Sicily if you had a choice?
A: Yes and no. I left Sicily for a better future but it would have been nice to stay at home so I wouldn't have gone through the problems in Tallulah.
Q: What did you like most about the alligator hunt?
A: I really didn't like any of it. It was so scary! I know Cirone liked it a lot more than I did.
Q: Would you do it again?
A: I wouldn't like to. I already promised Francesco I would NEVER go again but knowing Cirone, he'd probably sneak out so I'd have to go to make sure he stays safe.
Q: What do you love most about Patricia?
A: I love EVERYTHING about her! I love the way she smiles and talks to me. I could go on for days.
Q: If you had any control over Tallulah, what would you have done?
A: I would have changed the laws. It wasn't right to have kept Blacks from Sicilians or Whites away from any of us. We could've gotten along just fine if people weren't mean.
Q: Do you believe everything that happened was really your fault?
A: I don't know who's fault it was. I just wish things didn't happen the way they did.
Q: Do you have any regrets?
A: Of course. I wish I would've remembered to tie up Bedda. I wish I didn't run by Dr. Hodge's house to get rid of her. I would've done anything that would still allow me to have my family alive now.
Q: If you went back to Louisiana, for what reasons would you have gone?
A: I would've gone back to check on Joseph. To see Rock and Charles and Ben. And of course to see Patricia, to let her know I was alright.
Q: How do you plan to go about your future?
A: I would live up north or move out west. I still have to send money for Rocco to come over. I don't know what awaits me. I only wish that I had my friends to be around me.

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