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by Lillian from Northridge

Chris Tomlin (
Chris Tomlin (

A hero can do and be many things. For example, a hero can be inspirational or have courage. Inspirational means something that gives other people ideas. Courage means to do something bold, huge, and to do something frightening. If you take a risk to do something, you have courage. It is important to be inspirational because you can give other people phenomenal ideas that can change the world! It is also important to be courageous because you can change or even save someone's life with just a sentence. The point is, heroes are different.

My hero is Chris Tomlin. Chris Tomlin is a Christian singer who inspired many people to sing to others, and to join other churches. Chris Tomlin is especially courageous. This is because he was not afraid to share what he believed in, even when he knew it could go very wrong. This is why I think Chris Tomlin deserves honor; he wanted to honor his Master with all his heart, and he didn't care what other people thought of him. He also based his entire life on God. His one life goal was to glorify his Creator.

Chris Tomlin was born on May 4, 1972. His full name is Christopher Dwayne Tomlin. He has a mom, dad, and two younger brothers named Ryan and Cory. He is from Grand Saline, Texas, in the United States. My hero changed people from all over the world. He brought more people closer to God. I know Mr. Tomlin has brought me closer to Him. Chris Tomlin grew up writing songs and singing them to different churches. In the year 2011 I sang one of the songs he wrote. It is called I Will Rise One day. In 1997 Louie Giglio asked Chris if he wanted to work with Passion Conferences. That one day his whole life changed.

Chris Tomlin connects to me in many different ways. For example, we are both Christian and we both enjoy singing. I also know I'm courageous because recently my father was in the hospital. It took courage to know one day when I walk into my father's hospital room that I might find him dead. Chris is important to me because his songs are not just catchy tunes; they tell important stories also.  He also makes a difference in my life. He reminds me to buckle down and finish my day. To me he is a messenger that was born to show people new ways to worship, and to show us how to worship more. I learn from him every day. He teaches me that there is, and always will be hope for me. Some day, I want to be like Chris Tomlin. I want to teach others this, and to love and sing to my God more and more each day.

Chris Tomlin is my hero. He is my hero because he did not hide his talent. He even used it to become a famous singer. Chris Tomlin is not very well known, but I have come to use his actions as an example in life. Chris Tomlin is filled with wisdom. He was so talented that some of his records are best sellers. He is an inspiring example to me of how to worship and how to use music to solve my problems in life.

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