Chad Volk

by Chandler from Essex Junction

Brazil at its prettiest ( (multimedia archive))
Brazil at its prettiest ( (multimedia archive))

When Chad Volk was 28 years old and studying to be a chiropractor, he took advantage of a program at his college called the Palmer Clinic, a broad program which helped pay for sending students to Brazil to help third world citizens. He wanted to go because it was a chance to seriously help some people living in third world countries who were experiencing back pain. The only thing holding him back was the fact that it was the year 2000, one year after his son (me) was born, and he didn't want to leave his newborn son. Plus, it was scary for him because he had never been out of the country before, but then he considered YOLO and he went to Brazil. It was one of the best experiences of his life.

One memory that he remembers clearly was this lady who had fallen down some stairs. She hadn't slept well in twenty years, and she went in and got adjusted by my father. The next day she had come in and was crying her eyes out because she could finally sleep after twenty years of pain. She said that he saved her life. In appreciation, she had baked him a cake, which doesn't seem like a big deal in America, but in Brazil it is a huge deal because no one can afford that! He loved this experience so much and he wishes that he could go back now, or in the future and just continue to help people suffering from back pain in third world countries.

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