Christ Jesus

by Martina from Georgia

My Hero: Christ Jesus
jesus ascending into heaven (
jesus ascending into heaven (

My Hero Is Jesus Christ. The reason I chose him is because he is not only my hero, but everyone’s hero. He saved us all from the worst fate anyone could imagine: Hell. He is God one, true, only son who was so pure and never committed any sin at all. He lived as a human, suffered as a human, and died as a human. And as he slowly died on the cross, Jesus who was pure of evil, bore our sins and when he died, destroyed them forever.

But even when he was sealed in the tomb wrapped in the cloths, he conquered death. The stone was removed and the curtain in the most holy place was torn. And finally after years, man was truly together with God and not just for that moment, but for all eternity.

I believe that we should share this great news that saved all mankind. Because it is not only for us but for everyone on this earth. We can do this with confidence because we believe in the one and only book of truth: the bible. If nobody listens to the word, then keep on preaching because no one should be left out of this amazing, wonderful news. And as you or anyone else preaches the gospel, remember that you are saving souls for life and what could be better than knowing that?

And one day, God will descend from heaven with Jesus at his right hand and have all who believe come with him to paradise. He gave all a second chance to live. And when the time comes just remember that you helped spread the way, truth, and light to the people so that they could come and live in paradise with the one who created and saved them all.

Jesus in jungle with animals (
Jesus in jungle with animals (

Now tell me what better hero could there be than that? No one, not now, not then, and never ever again. He is the one and only true hero. Hallelujah, Amen.

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