Carmelita Jeter

by Cheyanne from Newark

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Carmelita Jeter is a sprinter for the women's USA Olympic team. Jeter is an Olympic medalist 100 meter runner. Jeter has competed in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and she has done many other races in her lifetime.  On June 23rd, 2012, Jeter ran the 100 meters in the Olympic trials for the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London. Jeter won this race in 10.92 seconds. That time Jeter came closer to beating Florence Griffith Joyner's time. Florence Griffith Joyner has the long standing world record.

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Since I was a little girl I've always been into sports and trying out different ones. I usually got tired of certain sports after a while. I've played soccer, done cheer and played basketball. Soccer and cheer were just not working for me as I grew up so eventually I quit and stuck with basketball like Jeter. Then I just got a little lazy with it, I almost tried out in seventh grade but I didn't so I was out of sports for two years.  When high school came I decided I would run Track, because when I was younger people always told me I was fast. They would tell me that I was a natural runner. From the first time I saw Jeter run I saw myself. Of course she was more mature and strong and fast, but I was determined to be like her. I was just a little girl, but I had big plans for myself, and becoming like Jeter was the best plan I'd made up in my head to that point.

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Like myself, Jeter played basketball in high school, and her coach told her she should go out for Track and Field. Jeter truly showed her talent on the track when she attended Bishop Motgomery High school. That's what I want.  I want to be like Jeter, showing my talent on the track so people can see what I can do. It's been my dream to go to the Olympics one day and run the 200 meters for the Women's U.S.A team. I'm working hard to get there from high school.

Carmelita Jeter inspires me to reach my goals.  She has accomplished the things she's wanted in life because she actually went for it and didn't give up. She is a hard working women and doesn't let anything stop her from getting where she needs to be. Keeping a positive attitude about things in life and not worrying what other people may think about her. If she did let people get to her with rumors and assumptions she wouldn't be where she is today; living her dream and reaching her goals.

Carmelita Jeter and Alyson Felix 2012 Olympics (google images  (
Carmelita Jeter and Alyson Felix 2012 Olympics (google images (

To live the dream of being in the Olympics would be exciting for me, but to be like Carmelita Jeter would be even more exciting. It's all I've ever wanted and sprinting is something I'm good at. This sports takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  Jeter doesn't do it just because.  She does it because it's like her life, something that means a lot to her and track and field means a lot to me as well. Jeter works hard still and she is amazing at what she does and I see myself one day doing what she does as a career, living the dream of being in the Olympics.

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