Christine Sinclair

by Emma from Calagry

"I think we are in shock right now, to win the way we did, I'm just speechless".
Christine Sinclair Hero Qualities (I made it (I did))
Christine Sinclair Hero Qualities (I made it (I did))

Did you know that Christine Sinclair's middle name is Margaret and she was born on June 12, 1983?  She is a Canadian soccer forward who is currently unsigned and is the captain of the Canadian National Team. Sinclair has been with the National Team for 11 years and has participated in the FIFA Women's World Cups for 3 years. What does FIFA stand for? It stands for the International Federation of Football Associations. She was also honored by FIFA as a nominee for world player of the year 5 times (05,06,07,08,10).

Christine Sinclair Portrait (I drew it. (I did!))
Christine Sinclair Portrait (I drew it. (I did!))

Christine Sinclair was born in Burnaby, BC and her Residence is in Portland, Oregon. Her height is 175cm and her weight 67kg. She started playing Soccer at age 4 with the South Burnaby Metro club Bees in her BC hometown. Christine Sinclair's position is Forward. During Christine's youth career she played for Burnaby South Secondary School and University of Portland.  For her Senior career, she played with the Vancouver Breakers, Vancouver Whitecaps women, FC Gold Pride and Western New York Flash. Christine Sinclair also played for the U-20 National team of Canada U-20 (U-19) and Canada.

Christine Sinclair Action (I drew it. (I did!))
Christine Sinclair Action (I drew it. (I did!))

Christine Sinclair has accomplished going to the Olympics for the Canadian soccer team. This amazed me and they won bronze but they could have won Gold although they lost against the Americans. The reason why Christine Sinclair is my Hero is because she went to the Olympics and she worked really hard. Christine Sinclair was honoured to carry the Canadian flag in the closing ceremonies. Christine is the Top goal scorer in Canadian History. Christine Sinclair lead her Soccer team to the Olympic games. Among her individual accomplishments is: "The Top 5 player in the Whole World".  Christine Sinclair won gold in the 2011 Pan American Games. Christine Sinclair had a free kick goal in 2011 and she is very famous from the free kick. Christine Sinclair is a captain of the Canadian soccer team. She also plays at the highest level in soccer. Christine Sinclair has been with the team for 11 years.  She was widely recognized as the greatest player to ever come out of Canada.

I think that Christine Sinclair is a wonderful lady who is really a hero and not just famous. She worked really hard and went to the Olympics at the highest level in Soccer. Christine Sinclair is brave, strong, caring and a good sport. She is Canadian and she won a Bronze medal in the Olympics against the Americans and I am really proud of Christine Sinclair.

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