Literary Heroes


by Thomas from Pickerington

In my mind a hero is many things. They stand up for what they believe in. Also, i think the most important quality that makes a hero is that they care more about the well-being of others over their own.

Heroes can have a major impact on a person's life. It is just natural that humans look up to others. That is why it is so important to have a hero. Also, if you have a hero you are going to be a better person because you want to be like your hero. And if you want to be like your hero then you will help others in the way they helped you.

In this book, Calo, the main character shows the most heroic characteristics. For example, right after Calo and his cousin Cirone get jumped by three white boys because they went to their black friends party, he says, "We were at school, Sicilians are allowed at schools,"(Napoli 148.) When he says this he is Heroic because, he is defending his Uncles, his friends and his cousin Cirone laying next to him. Later in the story he is trying to save the rest of his family from the mob and he says, "We've got to find Giuseppe and Carlo. We've got to get the others out of jail. We've got to tell the truth. Dr. Hodge is alive. No one killed anyone"(Napoli 252.) He is a hero in this because he wants to put his life endanger to help his family. Right after he thinks of his friend in the next city who are also in danger of being killed and he says, "Beppe and Salvatore, someone has to warn them."( Napoli 253.)

Many people deserve to be known as heroes, the boy Calo from my book should definitely be known as one of those people and should be inducted into the hero hall of fame. In this book he does many thing that would be considered heroic. For example, when he and Cirone fall out of the boat into the swamp he won't get back into the boat until he knows that Cirone is safe, he doesn't care about his own safety. Also, when he sees Cirone getting jumped by the three boys he runs over to help even though he knows he has no chance of winning. Then the main reason i think he should be inducted is the fact that when his family was getting killed he was a hero by attempting to help them. This is why I think he should be inducted into the hero hall of fame.

Q: Who is your hero? A: My hero is my my mom for doing all she did for me. Q: Do you consider yourself a hero?A: No, I still wasn't able to save my family. Q: Why do you think people consider you a hero? A: I don't know maybe it was that i was always looking to help people even if I knew it would end up badly for me. Q: What would make someone a great hero to you? A: Someone who puts their life in danger for others. Q: What's your favorite color? A: Indigo Q: How did you learn to speak English? A: My uncle back in Sicily. Q: Who's your best friend? A: My best used to be Cirone but he was murdered. Q: Would you go back in the Bayou again? A: No, I hate alligators. Q: Are you going to have your brother Rocco come over from Sicily? A: Yes, I love my little brother.

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It's a very good book. Though the action didn't start till the end.


Napoli, Donna Jo. Alligator Bayou. New York: Wendy Lamb Books, 2009.


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"Alligator Bayou" By: Donna Jo Napoli