Literary Heroes


by Joshua from Pickerington

A hero is someone who helps someone else when they're not able to help themselves. They're a symbol to those that see good in no one.

It is important to have a hero. Heroes help show who you are. When you're feeling weak and feel like what all you have isn't good enough, your hero gives an example that it is possible to achieve greatness.

Calogero portrays hero-like traits in the book. It's during Jim Crow law times and Calogero is an Italian and he isn't really familiar with black and white history. He's a hero for befriending a black boy, which is very out of the ordinary.

Calogero deserves to be in the hall of fame of heroes. He changed a lot. He's stuck pretty much in no man's land because of his skin color. He changed a lot a people's views on the limitations of friendship. He was threatened for being out of the normal views of society. Calogero deserves to be in the hall of fame of heroes.

Q.Who is your hero. A. My hero is my mother, she was a strong women and helped me all the time.
Q.Why is he/she your hero. A. She was because she made me who I am today.
Q.Was it weird at first when you got here. A. Yes, but my Uncle helped me out along the way.
Q.Who are you siding with, the black or whites. A. I don't side, that's ignorant to me
Q.Did you make any friends while you were here. A. Yes, and he actually was black.
Q.What was your biggest struggle. A. The people and the way they think is weird to me.
Q.What's the strangest thing about this place. A. The racism.
Q.Would you move back home if you could. A. No, this is my new home.
Q.What is your definition of a hero. A. Someone who is strong.
Q.Do you feel you're a hero. A. In a way, I guess.

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This hero page explains the book alligator bayou, and the main character, Calagero. He go through the book with many trials but manages to get through. Hope you enjoy.