Dr. Paul Camarata

by Laura from Nativity Parish

Dr. Paul Camarata
Dr. Paul Camarata

What is a hero, exactly? Well, to different people, a hero has a different definition. All heroes are brave, caring, and in one way or another, helpful to others. From sisters and pets to firefighters and scientists, heroes come in many different varieties. Almost everyone has a role model or hero of some sort that they look up to. My hero is a lifesaver. My hero is Dr. Paul Camarata.

Paul Camarata was born in Orange, California. As the oldest of six, Paul treated not only his siblings, but anyone he encountered with kindness and patience. He began high school at Thomas More Prep, and ever since then, St. Thomas More has been one of his heroes. Graduating high school, Paul turned his attention to college. Accepted into Stanford University, he majored in biology and Italian and started his training to become a neurosurgeon.

During college, Paul was extremely close to becoming a priest! He loved God, but Paul felt the Lord calling him to help people through science. Also, Dr. Camarata wanted a family. Paul loved science and wanted to combine his love for it with his desire to serve others. A surgeon was the perfect answer. "My father and relatives were doctors, and my mother was a nurse," Dr. Camarata remarks. Being a doctor wouldn't come easily, though. Finally, after four years of Medical School, seven years of Residency, and one year of Fellowship Training, Paul was a fully certified neurosurgeon.

Dr. Camarata loved his job and still does. Seeing patients, who were rushed into the hospital a month before, walk out of it is always a relief. Dr. Camarata especially likes to help young people survive, since so much of their lives are ahead of them. In return for his surgeries, Paul is thankful for this talent with which God has blessed him. Occasionally, Dr. Camarata receives gifts from the patients' families, and these are always greatly appreciated. Being a surgeon isn't always a walk in the park, though. "The long hours and being on call on holidays, make it almost unbearable sometimes," Dr. Camarata comments. As a neurosurgeon Paul's job includes a lot of paperwork and seeing an average of forty patients a week! Before exceptionally difficult or severe surgeries, Paul, being a Catholic, calms himself by prayer. He will read occasionally, but sometimes this is not always an option, so Dr. Camarata then relies again on praying.

Like any other business man, Dr. Camarata makes a big difference in people's lives. However, Paul encounters life threatening situations every week and takes on the challenge. To lose a friend or family member can be one of the most anguishing things on earth. Sorrow and loss are two things we need so much less of in the world. Dr. Camarata removes tumors, bloodclots, aneurysms, hemorrhages, and much more, from brains. The longest surgery Paul has ever performed was thirty-four straight hours! He had to remove a blood vessel malformation in the brain. It was tricky, but the patient survived.

On top of all of this, Paul is the father of three children: his two daughters and his son. Watching them grow, receiving their affection, and teaching them, bring joy to Paul. It's amazing how someone who has to spend so much time at work, can still be that loving and patient at home. Paul even coaches his children's baseball and basketball teams! He loves doing this as it help him bond with his children. Even around his busy and complicated schedule, Dr. Camarata searches for chapels anywhere in order to got to Mass everyday! Talk about committed!

Dr. Camarata is my hero, and I want to become like him someday. Maybe I'm not set on being a neurosurgeon, but making a difference in people's lives has always been one of my goals. Giving advice and treating everyone with such deep respect, like he does, is a great inspiration. Perhaps he's not super rich and famous, but he makes a difference in the lives of his patients and family. Sure, celebrities are well known, but are all of them lifesaving fathers? In different ways throughout life, we all learn the importance of our lives and the lives of others. Dr. Camarata has helped me learn this. He's not just any doctor. He's a lifesaver, teacher, father, and hero...he's my dad!

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