Teryl Campbell

by Nicholas from Laguna Beach

Teryl Campbell, my teacher of 2005/2006, is my hero because she is caring, smart, nice, funny, and grateful. I have a lot to say about her. I may have only known her for about 9-10 months but, that doesn't stop me from calling her my hero.

She has two siblings Kim, who is currently 50, and Tim, who is currently 49. Her dad's name is Monte, and her mom's name is Jo Ann. She is a mom of two children who probably think that she is the best mom in the world!

She likes being a teacher. This year she is a wonderful teacher of an exellent combo class of 27 smart students. She has been teaching us academic things such as math and language arts because that is her job! I think she will be the world's #1 teacher!

She has a lot of favorites but these are only some of them, like her favorite foods, pizza and lasagna. Her best friends are Sharon and Susie. Last but not least, most people that know her should already know, her favorite T.V. show is "I Love Lucy"! Those are the favorites that I know of. Do you have the same favorites as her?

Just this year, 2006, she went on a sailing competition and got 2nd place! She loves sailing. If she had the money to buy a sailboat she would definitely buy one! Since she doesn't have a sailboat yet, she goes on her best friend's boat. Her best friend's sailboat is called "Campbell's Soup," and her best friend's name is Campbell. I think the best birthday present for Mrs. Campbell would be a sailboat!

For me, this was the best year ever because I had Mrs. Campbell as a teacher! She let us play fun games and have exciting parties. I bet this was the best year for the rest of the class too! That's why she is my hero and will always be my hero.

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