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Captain America

by Derek from Ventura

Steven Rogers was born on July 4th, 1917 in the lower east side of New York City. Raised by his mother and father, Joseph and Sarah Rogers, two Irish immigrants who instilled in him early on the ideas of the American dream. His father died when he was still a child, so Steve spent most of his youth trying to help his mother make ends meet through the depths of the depression. Being scrawny for his age, Rogers was constantly picked on by his childhood peers. When he was older, Steve wanted to help fight the war in Germany. Being too small and sickly, he was chosen as a candidate for an experiment. This experiment was titled “operation: Rebirth” it was a serum that would turn any man into a super soldier. This was administered to Steve, and he became a super soldier. Unfortunately, the doctor who had created the serum was killed by a Nazi spy, so the serum could not be created again. Steve was sent to the front lines, where he fought the war. He was frozen in suspended animation when he fell from an exploding airplane into the Atlantic Ocean. The cold water froze the super soldier serum and in turn froze Captain America. He has been thawed out though, and he is back to kick some butt.

Captain America represents the ideals of American freedom. Wrapped in the american flag he defends the American way. He doesn't just fight for America, he fights for freedom all over the world. That's why I like him, he is like a freedom fighter for justice. Besides, he just rocks!

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