Captain America

by Chris from St. Louis

Captain America is a true American hero. First, the Captain isn’t just a physical hero but is a mental hero as well, which means he isn’t just tough physically but mentally. Next, the Captain was a real hero who helped those in need. Lastly, the Captain was a man who started a hero revolution in his time, by starting up a whole hero organization. How can he be these things? I’ll tell you in this paper how he is all of these things and why he is my hero.

The Captain isn’t just a physical hero but he’s also a mental hero. His real name is Steve Rogers and was born during the Great Depression and was brought up in a very poor family. He lost both of his parents, his father died when he was a child and his mother passed when he was a teenager. That kind of loss is very depressing and made Steve tough mentally. He also grew up in a bad neighborhood and was very weak as a child.

The Captain is literally a real hero. He is no ordinary man but actually can’t stand up to people who try to take over the world. He also uses his shield to shield him from gun shots and other things like lasers and sharp objects. He also has a strength that no ordinary human man could have. Lastly, he also stands up for the weak cause he used to be one.

The Captain has started a real American hero revolution. The Captain helped to show others that u should stand up for what you believe in. Also he showed people that u can stand up to people who u think are doing wrong. Then after he showed up many others followed his leadership and they started a group of crime fighting heroes. Lastly, he was a true American hero by serving in the marines and even trying a new test study which is what made him a hero.

Captain America is not just a hero, he’s my hero and he is a true American hero. First, he’s not just strong physically but mentally and that’s what makes a real hero. One example would be when he lost his father then later lost his mother he didn’t just mope around. He got back up from the pain and went back into the world. Then, he has the strength of ten men and can shield off evil with his shield he carries. After testing a new type of army experiment the Captain grew stronger and stronger and received a shield that protected him from all sorts of things. Lastly, he started a real hero revolution that started a group of heroes towards fighting crime and teaching kids not to be afraid of what they believe in. That is what makes my hero, Captain America, a true American hero.

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