Teachers Heroes

Carl Fenske

by Matt from Greensboro

Mr. Fenske <br>(Photo by Matt)
Mr. Fenske
(Photo by Matt)

Mr. Fenske is a fifth grade teacher who teaches at Greensboro Day School, and lives in Greensboro. A teacher who knows almost everything, like Mr. Fenske, is obviously a hero.

He is saving the world everyday by making biodiesel fuel out of vegetable oil for saving gas and the environment. He recycles almost anything that can be recycled so we can reuse things. He also has a goal of riding his bike 100 days to school so he can save gas. So I guess you could call him a superhero, but saving the world isn’t all he does.

He also knows everything there is to know about science. I found that out when our class had to learn about space and then took the science test and almost everyone got an A. At the end of the space unit we knew everything too.

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