Film Festival 2005 Teacher Award Get a Clue Carol Anne McGuire

Carol Anne McGuire
Carol Anne McGuire
Carol Anne McGuire's class motto is:

"Vision does not require sight!"

The students in her class are heroes for the simple fact that they have overcome what could be a disabling handicap. On a daily basis they demonstrate their "abilities" instead of choosing to focus on their "disabilities." And they do so while motivating their sighted peers to keep trying when they want to stop. Carol exclaims, "These are the most inspirational and enthusiastic students I have ever worked with!"

She opens eyes to the fact that every person on this planet has a disability -- some are shy, others are worried, still others are abused. But most people walk around the world without anyone knowing their hidden handicap. The students in her class cannot hide their disability, and yet they still overcome it! And if THEY can do it, so can all of us!

What a great message for everyone!

Get a Clue: What We Can Do!

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