Caroline Ouelette

by Marie-Eve from Lachute

My Wonder Woman

A hero is anyone; anyone with a heart can be a hero. Heroes are not just the ones that save lives or the ones that act like heroes in movies, there are other kind of heroes. There are grandparents who are heroes to their little kids because of their life in the past, there are parents who are heroes for their child because of how they live and maybe because of disease they got before and they were able to pass over it, there are even children heroes, not because they saved their brothers or sisters lives, but because they are in the hospital. For me, people who are in the hospital because of disease, cancer things like that, are some of the biggest heroes on earth because of how they are courageous and never abandon.

My hero is my mom. I find that she is my hero because of her life. She didn’t have the hardest life in the entire world but how she is and the way she lives her life she’s my hero. I hope that she will never change and that she will continue to believe in life even if anything happened in the future.

My mom has not done much to me to prove me that she was my hero because just the way she lives shows me all that I need to know. In the past, when I was 5 years old, my mother discovered she had breast cancer. At that age I didn’t really realize what was happening, but I knew that when we went to the hospital at Montreal and when we needed to go to my aunt because my mom was not there and my dad needed to work, something was wrong. I was sad when I saw my mom always at the hospital, but she stayed strong and she fought for her life and, with all the treatments at the hospitals, she survived and now she’s alright working at my house because she has a daycare with an assistant and she takes care of 9 babies. She is very patient and strong.

My mom has lived in the past in St-Jerome but I don’t really know the exact name of the place. I know that it was in a domain, with wood and it’s all I remember. In her family they were five children and two parents. She was the youngest in her family. Her dad was in the Second World War and died when she was about 23 years old. Her mom died at 64 years old of breast cancer so it’s a reason why my mom was scared when she got it. When my mom finished high school she went to a private course of something in Montreal and she lived in a lodgement with two friends. After that she married my dad and they lived in a domain in Bellefeuille and the last place where she is living for now is in my house in bellefeuille on boul.Du Roi Charle. They changed domain in Bellefeuille when my mom was pregnant with my older sister.

My mom is important to me because of how she teaches me about life. She taught me to never stop and always believe. She never gives up and always overcomes hard things. She is my hero and she will always be.
Written by: Marie-Eve Beaulieu

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