Literary Heroes


by Diana from Fresno

Catwoman is a movie that I enjoyed a lot and since then she became my hero. It is about a woman that died and was transformed into a cat not by the looks but actions. I admire her because she does amazing things at night like jumping from one building to another. She only comes out at nights so no one finds out about her. She also robbed a jewelry store where the most valuable necklace was at. She did this because these two guys were gonna rob the jewelry. She fought both of them and took all the jewelry. The next morning she returned everything and left a note. That day was when she started to wear this provocative outfit, mask, and the only thing she kept from the jewelry store was this nails full of shiny diamonds. All this came out in the news in the movie.

In the movie she goes by Catwoman but her real name is Selina Kyle.This women is incredible. If i had a wish, i wish i could be her. She's also an actor for another movies. When she was a little girl her mother named Maria committed suicide and her father Brian drank himself to death soon after. She got separated from her younger sister Magdalene.

Selina Kyle is my biggest hero because since i first saw her movie she right away grabbed my attention. I'm not those type of persons that get into a movie right away, it takes me awhile. I'm like this because i don't really like watching T.V. and if i watch it, it is just for a Novela. "Catwomen" is a really good a movie that i know could get anybody's attention.

I recommend this movie to everyone if you have not yet seen it. It's a great movie. It has action and it's a very interesting movie. You just gotta watch it so you could know what I'm talking about.

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