Literary Heroes


by RyAnna from Wyoming

In the book Chanda's Secrets many interesting things happen. The first thing is that Chanda's two-year-old sister dies. Chanda has to go to the morgue by herself and try to find a casket for her baby sister. She also has to get the head stone and figure out the date of the funeral. The reason she has to do this herself is that her step dad is at the bar wasted out of his mind and her mom is in her own world unable to let go of her baby girl.

On top of that she feels like the only person she can talk to is her best friend Esther. Esther's mom and dad both died from AIDS. Where Chanda lives, if people say you have AIDS, your family can kick you out of the house, make you live on the streets, and starve to death. When she tries to find her best friend she is unable to find her.

She comes to find out that her best friend is in a lot of trouble.And that her parents have a disease, which maybe leading to AIDS, and may kill them. She goes around Africa trying to find a cure for AIDS.

When her father died at work, her mom found many new boyfriends. She even married a couple. Her next boyfriend, she married, and he is always at the bar cheating on her. He is devastated that baby Sarah died.

All in all, this book was an all right book. Some parts were sad and some made me really happy to see Chanda trying to help other people keep their life and keep from getting AIDS.

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