Charles Stanley

by Matthew from Ignacio

Charles Stanley has made a huge impact on my life. He is my mentor and he does not even know it because I have never met him. He has a tele-evangelism show on Saturday night and Sunday Morning called In-Touch. His Website is One of the things I have learned from Charles Stanley is that there is absolutely no doubt that a man named Jesus walked this earth 2000 years ago healing the sick, making the blind see, casting out demons and much more. All historians from the time even the esteemed Jewish historian Josephus and also Muhammad the writer of Islam all acknowledge Jesus' existence.

Your life will never be the same when you take that blind leap of faith and believe that Jesus was God in the flesh come to earth to right the wrongs of the time. To put the focus on trusting God for everything in your life, and believing that he will bless you with what is best for you if you wholeheartedly have faith that he will. The Holy Spirit will ascend into your being and wash away your past and give you such hope and joy for the future.

Then you will want to learn more about this man called Jesus because what he said was actually God speaking. So read the Bible or listen and watch in person at a church or on TV as I do to Charles Stanley and other effective TV Preachers. Gain knowledge about the bible whatever way is most effective to you. The preacher's job is to explain God's word to us and to relate it to our daily lives effectively. Charles Stanley is the best at communicating God's life principles in my humble opinion.

My personal Motto is " Big Faith Equals Big Blessings so go big Mi Amigos." In my personal life I have taken numerous huge leaps of faith in doing things that I believed God was telling me to do and the blessings have poured in my life in a deluge. How you can tell if he is speaking to you is, does this message or desire line up with the word of God or what Jesus taught (Who was of course God himself speaking telling us how to live). How I believe we fulfill our purpose in life is to take the talents, strengths, and desires God has blessed us with and again if it lines up with Jesus (Gods) teaching and BAM we have our purpose in life. Myself I am a 47 year old man who loves the Rocky Mountains and outdoor adventure sports related to them, I am a carpenter and a teacher ( by chance not choice). So I put it all together and bought a cheap piece of property on the side of a steep mountain, am in the process of building a Rocky Mountain summer camp lodge for disadvantaged youth. I know it is my purpose because I am utilizing the talents and desires God blessed me with and it lines up with what Jesus taught as he said in Matthew, "Those who help the poor, sick, orphaned, and those with less than yourself are actually helping me."

I encourage everybody to watch Charles Stanley on TV, check out his website, or go see him in person because God gave me the gift of spotting the insincere or hypocrite and I can assure you that Charles Stanley is the real deal, a sincere genuine man of God see for yourself. And try to follow his motto "obey God and leave all of the consequences up to him."

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