Charlotte A. Cavatica

by Maria from Oxnard

My literary hero is Charlotte A. Cavatica for many reasons. By the way, Charlotte happens to be a spider and is one of the main characters in a children’s book, Charlotte’s Web. Charlotte has traits that most people wish they had. She gave her life for Wilbur, a pig who has befriended her. She was a kind and joyful friend to Wilbur. She was very generous spider. And she loved to be herself and not anything else. She was an intelligent problem-solver. So this is what happened.

Wilbur was in danger of becoming Christmas dinner. But Charlotte wasn’t going to allow that to happen. That is why she wrote “humble”, “terrific”, and “some pig on her web. That is why Wilbur grew famous. So Farmer Zukerman, Wilbur’s owner, took him to the county fair. That was when Charlotte made her egg sac, one day before the fair closed. On the day they were leaving, Charlotte told Wilbur the bad news. She told Wilbur that after a spider lays her eggs she dies. But with the help of Templeton, a rat, Wilbur remained with her sac. She sang one last song and died. Wilbur stayed in the barn while the egg sac lay in a pile of hay all winter. But the next spring, her egg sac hatched! They all left except for three girls, which were runts. Their names were Nellie, Arana, and Joy. After deciding their names, they were easily accepted into the barnyard by the other animals. And that is why Charlotte A. Cavatica is my hero.

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