Literary Heroes


by Cornelius from Monroe


Who is a hero? To me heroes are people who are brave. They are all over our community. Whether big or small, strong or weak. They can be in the army or the air force. A hero is someone you look up to. My hero that I look up to is Chewbacca.

Heroes are very helpful in our society. Even if we don't deserve it they will provide us help. A person revered especially for noble courage. Heroes have extraordinary size and power or they can be someone you admire.

My hero is Chewbacca, also known as a Wookiee. They can be relied on when someone someone's in trouble. They are good smellers. They can smell fire from a distance. Wookiees will put themselves in harm's way just to save others. That's why Wookiees are good heroes.

Without heroes the earth would be a deep dark, bad, dirty wasteland. Everyone would be scared to leave their houses, knowing that someone might shoot you or try and take your money. Heroes are very important. You should thank your hero.

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