Teachers Heroes

Chief Denise Cegielski

by Alyssa and Melissa from Fernandina Beach High School

Cheif Cegielski is our NJROTC Navel Science Instructor, at Fernandina Beach High School. Melissa and I have been putting together a hero project and decided to pick her as our hero, because to us she is a HERO!!! In the paragraphs below we will tell you most of the information we have learned while doing our research, like.

Stella Denise Cegielski is her full name and she prefurs Denise or Chief to her students. She also has acomplished many things in her life such as completing 20 years of Active Duty in the United States Navy. She also was one of the first few women aboard a Combatant Ship. Then she became a mother of two and completed College while still on Actine Duty.

Now she is one of the NJROTC Navel Science Instructors at Fernandina Beach High School and ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY Loves It!!! We asked her what it was that made her love it so much and she said,"The Kids. They make school more Fun and Enjoyable for me than just waking up and going to work". We also asked her if she considered her self a Hero and her Responce was," More like a role model because yes, you can be a female and in the Military and yes, you can be a Mother, Teacher, and be in the Military.

Here are a couple of her students. Now can you tell why she loves her job? Probaly because she is always loved by her students.

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Extra Info

Chief Cegielski was born on January 4, 1962 in Chichasaw, Alabama and is 41 years old. She has been married to Joel Cegielski since 1989 for 14 years, he is 38 years old. She also has two daughters named Ashley who is 11 years old and Taylor who is 10 years old.