by Grant from Mrs. Cherry's Class

"When I think of a hero I think of a person or an animal that is willing, helpful, and saves people." Grant
My Hero
My Hero

Hello, I am Grant and I am here today to talk about my hero, Chloe.

When I think of a hero I think of a person or an animal that is willing, helpful, and saves people. The qualities of my hero are brave, supporting, helpful, and loving.

The act of heroism that my dog did was when I was a baby, a dog tried to attack me and my dog. Chloe threw it off our deck. That made a difference in my life because I could have gotten hurt really bad.

Well, I could say something to my dog but she is deaf so she would not hear what I would have to say to her. But, I can show her how much I love her by giving her a special hug and take good care of her for the rest of her life.

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On February 22, 2007, our class had the Hero Celebration. We went to the gallery and acted out and sang songs for all our heroes and parents. The Hero Celebration started one morning when Mrs. Cherry asked us what you think a hero is. So we thought about it. The next day we all thought of something different. Then Mrs. Cherry told us about the Hero Celebration. We ended up having the celebration by talking about other types of heroes. My parts of the celebration were presenting a speech, a speaking part, a rap, and a song that our whole class sang. When I went up front on the stage I felt nervous. When I felt nervous I thought I was going to hurl. After the celebration I felt nice and calm. My whole experience of the day was good. At the end of the celebration I thought it was really fun.