Teachers Heroes

Christa McAuliffe

by Tori from Altoona

Do you have a hero ? I do, and her name is Christa McAuliffe. This is why she is my hero.

Christa McAuliffe
Christa McAuliffe

She is my hero because she was an ordinary person doing extraordinary things. Mrs. McAuliffe loved to teach and learn new things.

Christa is my hero too because she was selected to be the first teacher in space. She started to make her lesson plans for space that would be on TV’s everywhere.

After all of her training she was to go in space with her lessons. As soon as she was up - just two minutes into the flight,her ship, the Challenger, exploded. Christa McAuliffe had died making her dream come true.

Now do you know why Christa McAuliffe is my hero? I hope she is your hero now, too.

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