My Mom, Christine

by Marina from North Pole

My mom at work
My mom at work

My definition of a hero is someone who is loyal, honest, and brave. They also have to be a hard worker. They must treat everyone with respect. They also must have a sense of humor, be generous, wise, and dedicated. Most important, they must have a goal in life. They can't be sitting at home and being lazy. That's my kind of hero, and this describes my mom, Christine.

Christine was born in Tanana, Alaska. Her birth mother's friends adopted her. She grew up in Galena, Alaska, and always had a house full of people. Then she moved to Georgia. She had a lot of friends there, but the most fun she had was playing in the attic where her grandma had old dresses and shoes. As a kid, she always looked up to her aunties.

Christine moved to North Pole, Alaska when she was in middle school. My mom tried so hard to fit in, but the kids there treated her so badly. Even the teachers treated her badly. She had to deal with racism for years, being an Athabascan Indian in a mostly white community. Her family decided to move her back to Galena in her teen years. She went through the stage of teen partying and got pregnant at age 17 with my older sister. She decided to drop out of high school in her senior year, but went back two years later to Howard Luke Academy in Fairbanks, Alaska. She finally graduated and a month later I was born.

Christine decided to plan for her future and went to computer school. Then she took a full-time job at T.C.C. as a receptionist. It was difficult to make ends meet trying to raise three kids by herself. After 10 years at T.C.C., she quit to help out her oldest child who was very sick. Christine finally got a job as a Safe Home Director for women and children. She always wanted to take care of women and children who have been in violent situations. She had always cared for people who were in this situation because she went through it herself.

She never treats people wrong. She doesn't care what race you are, she will respect you. She gives people her time so women and children can be safe from violent situations. She is the most generous person I know. She set a goal in her life to give people a new life, and she helps her three kids out. My mom is awesome. She has always had a big heart and I'm grateful that she is my mom.

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