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by Marissa from Fresno

Disney's <a href=>Cinderalla</a>
Disney's Cinderalla

Cinderella is my hero because she had the will to put up with her evil step- mom and step-sisters. Another reason why she is my hero is because she was sweet to everyone. Like her evil step-mom and sisters and the little mice too. Cinderella would always do what she was told. She would come at the blink of an eye on her step- mom's command. But then with the help of some friendly mice and her fairy godmother, Cinderella's fairytale will come true.

An example of how Cinderella was sweet to everyone was how she would talk to the animals while she was feeding them. She was also nice and sweet to the mice that lived in her house. Cinderella would make them little clothes and shoes for them to wear. She would also take any new mice in, like little Gus Gus.

Cinderella would always do what she was told. Like when her step-mom would call for her in the morning to bring her her breakfast, she would always do it in the blink of an eye. Another way of how mean and cruel Cinderella's step- mom was, she locked Cinderella in the basement/dungeon when she heard the Prince was coming to find the owner of the glass slipper. So the evil step-mom locked her in the basement/dungeon so Cinderella wouldn't have a chance to find true love. Also she did this so one of her daughter's could marry the Prince.

Cinderella's fairytale came true, in the end of course. Cinderella didn't do it alone though, she had her fairy godmother who came to help. Her fairy godmother turned a pumpkin into a beautiful carriage, she turned one of the little mice into a carriage driver, and she turned the weak little horse into a beautiful white Clydesdale horse. Then as the final touch she turned Cinderella's dress of rags into a beautiful ball gown with glass slippers.

With the help of the little mice and horse, and of course her fairy godmother, Cinderella gets to go to the Prince's ball. Cinderella was chosen by the Prince to dance with him. Then he falls madly in love with her, but then she runs off at midnight because the spell is going to wear off. But she left something behind, her glass slipper. So the Prince uses this to find his true love. He goes on a long voyage to find her. He goes house to house, then finally the slipper fit only on her little foot. So if the slipper fits, marry her. Then they went off, got married and lived happily ever after.

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