Animals Heroes


by Jenna from Danville

My hero is my dog Claire. She was a Great Pyrenees/Black Mastiff mix. She saved my dad and me from a rattle snake. She barked and dad told her to shut up. He regrets it now. She was only a puppy taking on a rattler! Dad looked down and saw the venomous snake. Claire shook it in her mouth and bit a huge hole through its stomach. That killed it. She lived to be 6. She had 2 litters of puppies totaling an amount of 16 pups! What a great momma! She was there for me, too. Her first litter of pups, she only trusted me around them. I watched them and let her get a drink. What a tremendous dog. She died of mange at age 6. We truly miss her. Without Claire, my dad and I would not be here today! Thank you, Claire - and thank you, God for her.

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