Teachers Heroes

Claire Yoneji

by Lauren from Mission Viejo

"It's better to be called something positive and inspirational than something negative."

I became aware of my personal career hero because one of my career choices I was thinking about was being an elementary teacher, and I heard that my aunt, Claire Yoneji, does that exact career. I was so glad to hear that I could look up to someone that is in my family. Claire has always been so genuine and nice towards everyone. She always has a positive attitude and is inspiring to others. She has great teaching skills and loves kids just like I do.

Some job-related tasks could be teacher aiding, student teaching, and maybe working in a school district. According to the Outlook Handbook, you have to have some student teaching experience, a Bachelor's degree, and a teaching certificate in order to become a teacher. The salary range for a teacher is $53,090 per year and the future outlook is 12%. Some similar related careers are instructional coordinator, librarian, and teacher assistant.

Claire, as a young person, was studious and got lots of help from teachers and counselors to get more into becoming a teacher someday. She was a hard-worker and always had a smile on her face. Claire worked at the Buena Park School District for 33 straight years, but unfortunately had to retire, and now she teacher assists once a week. She taught all subjects, since she was an elementary school teacher. Her favorite subject she likes to teach is English. She wasn't involved in much in college because she was focusing on her teaching career in the future, but she went to Arizona State to get her Bachelor's degree.

Claire helps others by teaching the students what they need to know before they go to the next grade level. She treats the students like they're her own and genuinely cares about every single one of them. She makes a difference because she's always positive and is never sad for any reason. I remember Claire always telling me to stay positive and to never give up, no matter what it takes.

My high school goal is to get mostly As and one or two Bs. In one of the years in high school, I want to teacher aide. I want to do some peer tutoring too, to help me with teaching skills. For college, I don't know what college I want to attend yet. I want to major in English & Math and get a Bachelor's degree. I feel comfortable teaching more of the little kids than the teenagers or adults. I'm not sure what exact college I want to go to yet. My lifetime goal is to always stay positive and always be myself. That's my lifetime goal because my role model, Claire, is always herself no matter what.

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