Animals Heroes

Claps the dog

by vannysa from danville

"When i sprang my ankle "

I was on my way to skatetown when I saw something in the road that looked like money I quickly put on my skates and ran for it. I was so eager i started to day dream about how much it was and what i would do with it.

I got my skates on and ran for it. I saw a big scary ferocios dog i was always mean to. so i paniced and ran for a stick i was going so fast i did not see the rock in front of my skates

i ran over the rock and fell with my left ankle behind me i screamed for help and the dog still headed for me I screamed for help the dog barked and went past me to the neighbors house .

it barked at their door, no body came to the door, so "claps" came back to me. When i tried to get up---it went under me--- i fell on him, then he took me to my porch. It was a long ways from the road so i was glad he helped me

i crawled up the steps with claps watching me all the way as if he was a person ----the dog went away ---when he was sure i was inside --i thank him alot

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