Literary Heroes

Clark Kent

by Dean from Deer Lodge

As my fictional hero I picked Clark Kent, better known as Superman, for some very obvious reasons. The fact that he can fly and deflect bullets helps him save people from the dangers of everyday life, and some things that aren’t every day.


By day he is Clark Kent, a mild mannered newspaper columnist, but as soon as an emergency strikes…like a flash he’s gone to the nearest phone booth to reappear as Superman! And you are bound to admit, it takes quite a man to change that fast in a phone booth.

Superman, if he were real, probably would have saved everyone in this room at least once, he’s that super. “The Man of Steel” is the head of the Justice League of America, which if it were real, he would be kind of a big deal. He used to be part of the Justice League International, but decided to just protect America.

Another one of his powers, which is pretty cool, is that he can “channel” his power through his eyes and shoot them like laser beams. Pretty sweet, huh? Superman is my hero because he helps so many people with little or no thought to the consequences that would come down on his head from making so many bad guys angry.

In short people that do selfless acts of good are my heroes, but having some superpowers sure do make it more impressive.

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