Tracy Y. Cleckley

by Raygene from Elgin

Do you have a hero? My hero is this lady sitting in this chair. If you said my mom than your right. My mom is my because she gives me advice when I need it,she is always there when I need her, and most of all she's my mom. If you had a parent like mine the world would be blessed. I'm not saying your mom or dad is not the best mom or dad in the world, but mine is the best you will ever have.

How old were you when you knew that you had a hero.My mom became my hero the day I was born. She was my hero ever since. My hero lives with me so when ever at what ever time I can go talk to her if something is bothering me.

How did you know that person was your hero? I knew because she gives me advice, help, love, care, and many more things than I and you can even think of. The most important things that a hero should do for you are give you love, support, help, care,and so much more. That's how you know that's someone is your true hero.

What's a hero? A hero is a person that stands up for you, is there when you need him/her, and a hero is a person that supports you and so much more. A hero doesn't also have to do a lot of thing for you like buy you things,and other things, your hero just might not know you, but they are still your hero.

The last thing, there's no one like your hero, or like mine. Now tell me isn't your hero the best hero in the world?

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