Teachers Heroes

Coach D.

by Jaron from Surprise

My Hero!

Hike-hike-hut! My hero is Coach D! Why? Well he keeps us healthy, he's very strict, and he wants the very best for us every day.

Coach D always keeps us healthy. He is always at practice making sure we run and get our full exercise. Through rain, heat, cold, monsoons, he would make sure we practice. You may not think a coach could be a hero but to me he is a hero. Could you imagine football without exercise? Well, my coach makes sure we practice and don’t let another team win without a fight. He definitely keeps us healthy.

Coach D is also very strict. He is the one coach that will make you a great football player later on in your life. If there is one thing he hates it is playing around. After you about puke from doing so many sprints, you will learn your lesson. You have to give 110% on every thing you do pushups, sprints, even your stance. He expects a lot from us so when we aren’t doing our best he gets very mad because he knows we can do better.

Coach D wants the best for us and that’s why he is strict. He goes through plays every night making sure we know them before the game. Another reason why is, he spends a lot of money in trophies, tackle dummies, cones, everything. Almost everyday he is working and thinking on how he can make our team better. Surely he cares about each and every one of us.

Now from those couple of facts I just told you about, wouldn't you agree that Coach D is a hero? Because I surely think so.

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