Teachers Heroes

Coach Jones

by David from Odessa

Hero - is someone who is special who would risk his life to save others.

When I met Coach Jones in September was when I transfered to he’s Tae Kwon- Do. He’s a tae kwon-do coach who teaches binger’s. He owns his own Tae kwon-do dojo. His daughter was born in September. He spends the rest of September with his wife & daughter.

He is physically strong. Committed to teaching students how to defend themselves. He believes in brain over brawn. Initiative to start his own business. He is a good leader.

He teaches students at Ector & Jones tae kwon-do dojo. He practices tea kwon-do. Competitive tea kwon-do tournaments. He makes me want to protect my family. He even makes me able to protect myself. He gives me more self-confidence. I feel more self-discipline. I feel stronger because all of the training & partition we did.

The tenets of Tae kwon-do:
1. courtesy
2. integrity
3. perseverance
4. self control
5. indomitable spirit

Tae kwon-do student oath:
I shall observe the tenets of tae kwon-do.
I shall respect my instructor & seniors.
I shall never misuse tae kwon-do.
I will be a champion of freedom & justice.
I will build a more peaceful world.

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