Animals Heroes

Coco Fawcett

by Amanda from Boise

This is a story of my hero Coco.

My hero Coco was actually my own rabbit. She was the sweetest thing I've ever known. She helped me overcome some fears and dreams. Coco was more than a rabbit to me, she was a friend, a special friend.

Coco was only about 6 months when we let her outside in the backyard. She had been out there for days and every night came inside. This went on for about another month (about). One day my brother was home alone and she was outside. My brother saw my dog run outside and smack something and it flew away. The dog started sniffing the ground and licking it. Then she came inside and my bro saw an animal laying where my dog was licking. He ran outside and saw Coco laying there with her eye injured and a few scrapes.

He grabbed a blanket, wrapped her in it and took her to the neighbor and she drove him to the animal hospital. Weeks later we found out we would have to put her to sleep. We put her down and left very sad.

Now in February, I went to the art museum and there was a Mexican art show. I found out that thousands of years ago, when the Mexicans had Indian symbolism, the rabbit represented the letting go of sadness, fears and being free of them. That helped me be stronger about them and realize that, although she was just a bunny, she taught me a good lesson.


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