Animals Heroes


by Madeline from Laguna Beach

My hero is my cute dog Coco. She is a Yorkie. Coco is my hero because when I'm bored or sad she plays with me and makes me happy. When I said she plays with me I mean with a golfball, a little ball, a marble or a bead. What she does is she rolls the ball to me with her nose and I roll it fast back with my fingertips because it is slobbery and has lots of hair on it. Then she starts licking me and also she has bad breath.

I have fun and play with Coco at my house with the ball, at the beach when she runs and stops to sniff seaweed and barks at other dogs and when I'm holding her leash and at the park on the soccer field, she runs with me like a bunny with her grey fur and it's fun.

In the morning before I go to school I play with Coco, and when I come home from school I play with her. Sometimes I let her lay in my bed while I'm watching a movie or TV. She usually can't because I have a bunk bed and I sleep on top and so she might fall off.

Even though Coco doesn't talk I know she likes me and I know she's my friend! Thats why she's my hero!!

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