by Mariam from Coonamble

My dog Comit is my hero because she saved my brother's life.

One day while my mother, father, brother and sister were out in Sydney's Bondi Beach we had just gotten a new cattle dog from our neighbour's and we took it to the beach with us. While my mother, father and sister were out getting some chips for lunch my brother was still in the water and my parents didn't notice. While he was in the water he started to swim out of the yellow and red flags. when my sister turned around she saw him drowning so we started running towards him when suddenly our dog jumped in the water and swam towards him. So Comit pulled him by the leg and brought him back to the shore and saved his life.

My dog is now seven years old and she is a very old dog. Her beautiful coat that was once blue and white has faded away. Her paws are starting to hurt her and her hearing isn't that well. But whenever we sit with her, she still plays with us. And we all still take her for walks and she loves it. Her little sister always takes good care of her and her husband does too.

We are all grateful to our dog Comit. But now she is very old and doesn't do much except for guarding our shop but we still love her and we will never forget that day.

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