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by Claire from Taipei

Many may have heard the name of Confucius, the famous Chinese educator, philosopher, and creator of Confucianism. But do you know why Confucius holds such an importance to all Chinese people, and the reason why he is my hero? It's because of his persistence and toughness. These are the reasons why I respect him; he is a great teacher that affects people even now.

Confucius always wanted to save the world; he journeyed around China to spread his thoughts and educate people. Confucius looked past one's birth and class. He accepted every person in equality and told them how to conduct oneself, how to get along with others and even how to govern a country. Although he was attacked several times, he didn't give up his dream to create a better world. His persistence is a reason why I respect him; it would have required a lot of courage to continue his dream. When Confucius was young, his father passed away. At the age of seventeen, his mother died too. Therefore his early life was very challenging, but still he tried his hardest to survive. Another reason is because of his toughness. He didn't complain about his fate or blame someone for his misfortune. I think this is very special of him because when I encounter something very depressing I often wonder why am I so unfortunate? Confucius inspired me not to complain, but to do everything I can to change this situation. Sometimes we are shy to ask one a question; Confucius, however, didn't mind anything. He consulted with anyone who was better at a certain area than he was. He asked.

During the Spring-and-Autumn Period, countries fought wars with blades and spears; Confucius fought with words and thoughts.

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