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Constantine was a hero because he protected Rome by making his army 25-100,000 people, by rebuilding Rome’s structures, and by making Rome a Christian state, and gaining freedom for the Christians.

Constantine was born in 274 in Naisuss, upper Moesia. After his father's death in 306, Constantine immediately took the throne and had possession over Britain, Gaul, Spain and, after war with Italy, he had possession over that, too. He basically ruled over the whole Western empire.

After Battle of Charcedon in 314 and in 323, Constantine became “Sole Lord” of the whole Roman world. Constantine was determined to make the capital of Rome “Constantinople.”

Constantine immediately converted to Christianity after seeing a radiant cross that says, “By this sign you shalt conquer in the heavens.” After this event, he killed his son, second wife, and many more relatives because he felt they had taken away his rights as an emperor and a Christian.

When Constantine became master of the whole empire, the Roman world was more and more assumed by the aspect of Christianity. In 312 Constantine’s army rapidly marched into Italy and Milan. They Lost.

Constantine’s first edict against Italy in 312 was lost, but they gained not only free religious worship and the recognition of the state, but they gained reparation of incurred losses when a series of edicts in 315, 316, 321, and 323, completed the revolution.

The edict of 315 outlawed the persecution of foreign religions. The edict of 321 ordered Sunday to be celebrated by cessation of all work to the public. In 325 the emperor convened the first great ecumenical council at Nicea to settle the Arian controversy. It was the first time the Christian church and the Roman state met face to face. “Constantine the Great” was amongst the 318 bishops. Constantine was tall, clad in purple and jewels. The impression was deep on everyone.

In 337 Constantine died. Constantine was a hero because he made his army stronger, won wars and edicts. He rebuilt Rome’s structure and made Rome a Christian state. Also, he won Christian freedom. Before Constantine, Kingship was thought to be descent from the gods, but after Constantine, the idea of kingship was of God’s grace.

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Extra Info

A) Constantine was born at 274 in Naissus in upper Moesia

B) Father dies in 306 and Constantine immediately takes throne and possession over Britain, Gaul, Spain, and Italy

C) Constantine is immediately converted to Christianity after seeing a radiant cross in the heavens that says, “By this sign you shalt conquer” 306-312?

D) Rome’s first edict concerning the Christians was lost in 312.

E) A series of edict happened in 315-321 and edict 323 completed the revolution, also edict 321 ordered all Sundays to be cessations of work and in the end Jews were forbidden to keep Christian slaves.

E) In 325 the emperor convened the first great ecumenical council at Nicene to settle the Arian controversy.

F) in 324-330 new Rome was being built and finished

G) In 337 Constantine dies