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Cookie Ruiz Schlufter

by Mariana from Tampico

The Future Is Yours!
 (by me)
(by me)

Cookie was my dog and he is my hero because he was more than my pet. He was a great friend who lived in a lot of pain. He was my friend and I love him more than anyone, and this is his biography.

Cookie was a Chihuahua dog
Who born in April 24.
He was badly sick at his birth and he came to my cousin's Pet shop. But then he was adopted by a family that really appreciated And misses him a lot. They were the Schlufters.
Cookie didn't get well... Everyday he was more and more sick. He was going to die - well that's what a lot of veterinarians said.
Like a miracle, Cookie survived. He really wasn't the most beautiful dog but this family really loved him.

Many people came to their house and saw him and the first thing they said was, "Oh what an ugly dog - is it a dog?"
But really it doesn't matter.
Recently Cookie had 3 years. Everybody liked him. He was a good dog
This year at a normal day - the person that loved him more than anything in the world was visiting at Marifer Rios's house. And when she returned to the house, Cookie's family was crying. She asked why�
Well she found out that Cookie recently had been hit by a car and he was at my cousin's veterinarian hospital. Cookie's friend never cried like that in her life.
The next day, the whole family went to visit him.
He was alive! She couldn't believe it, but I know she was happy about it.
He was now like people say he was - ugly, but she loved him more everyday.
He was all for her.

When he got well, his face was deformed with a lot of scars and he limped. He now had lived for 4 years and people could also see that the love that was between that family and the dog was incredible.
At October of 2007, Cookie decided to go out alone.
He escaped at night. The desperation to find him of the family and her was something I had never seen before - they never found him, but I know they miss them and cry for him every night because they lost their friend.
She lost her best friend, Mariana Schlufter.

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