Adam Joseph Copeland

by CJ from Springfield, Pennsylvania

An Underdog
Adam Copeland performing on TV (
Adam Copeland performing on TV (

I love watching professional wrestling on TV. There’s a lot of amazing people that I see, but one of them stands out: Adam Copeland, a.k.a. Edge. I see him as my hero because of all the things he went through to get to where he is today. I read his biography about his life and all he did to achieve his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. When I read about all of the struggles he went through I think about how proud all of his friends and family must be of him, and all of the people who praise him for making it to where he did. I really feel bad for what he had to go through. He fought for his dream job and really made something out of himself.

Adam Copeland was born October 30, 1973 Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. He lived with his mom. His father left before he was born. His mom worked two jobs during the day, so he would go over to his grandparents. Currently, Adam Copeland travels most of the year, and he currently lives in Tampa, Florida. Through his life he had to fight for what little money he had and took every little opportunity that was brought to him. At a young age, one of his uncles died and he was very close to him. But he continued to go for his dream job and wanted to show his family he could become a wrestler. You don’t see people every day who say they want to wrestle for a living. You usually see people saying “I want to be a doctor” or “I want to be a lawyer.” Being different and not afraid to admit you're different shows courage, which is a huge key in being a hero.

I think that Adam made a difference by showing people you don’t need to be born into a rich family. He shows that even if you’re born without a lot of money you can still make it to bigger things and all you need is determination and passion to get to that goal. His journey was a long one full of a lot of battles. But, he didn’t give up in the middle and say he’s going to try an easier job. He didn’t want to give up his dream, and he fought for it and never thought about giving it up. That’s another way he makes a difference, he doesn’t give up. Don’t give up on your dream just because it’s near impossible, make the impossible possible and shoot for it. That’s what he did and that’s why I see him as a hero.

A Picture Of Adam's Book, On Edge (
A Picture Of Adam's Book, On Edge (

Other hard things he did during his life were working at minimum wage job to make money. He also had a lot of fights when he was in school because of being different and liking wrestling. Getting beat up for liking something different isn’t fair but even after getting beat up he still loved it and wouldn’t let other people’s views about it ruin his dream. His mainstream battles have mainly been around having enough money to get by. Often, he’d squeeze into a car full of wrestlers which was very uncomfortable. He also couldn’t afford car insurance and always risked getting in an accident.

There are many different types of heroes, but if you asked what type Adam Copeland is I’d say a survivor hero. Why is he a survivor hero? Because he survived all of the problems that were thrown at him while trying to make it as a wrestler. His uncle died, and he coped with the situation, he didn’t have enough money to train, and he took a shot at an opportunity for free training. He didn’t think about not making it, because all he imagined was winning an essay contest on why he should receive the training and he took advantage of it. Many times he got sick during an opportunity to wrestle, and he still fought, even though he had the flu. A hero is someone who never gives up and he never did give up.

So surviving all that he did, and fighting every inch of the way, is what I consider heroic. In my mind, he defines what a true hero is. I think of heroes as people who fight and never give up. Usually they’re underdogs who have all of the disadvantages stacked up against them. He had those disadvantages and turned them around. Now he performs his dream job in front of thousands of people every week. Who says a celebrity can’t be a hero? If that’s what you think then you’re mistaken. He earns a great living at his dream job because he worked hard for it. I hope one day I can accomplish my dream job, whatever it might be. If I’m ever asked who my inspiration is I’m going to say Adam Copeland, a true underdog.

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