Animals Heroes

Copper Jr. & Chiquita

by Alyssa from Mission

What is a hero? A hero, in my book, is someone or something that cheers you up and is always there for you. My heroes are my companions that possess the power of unconditional love. This is a trait that only a hero can have.

Illustrated by Alyssa
Illustrated by Alyssa

My hero is not really someone or something that I look up to. It is a companion that I enjoy spending time with. My heroes are my pets. Their names are Copper Jr. and Chiquita. Jr. is a Doberman blue healer mix and Chiquita is a pure blue healer. These are my best friends and heroes.

My dogs are my heroes ‘cause they show unconditional love and respect. I also show them unconditional love. When I’m mad they put on a show to cheer me up, but when I’m sad they cuddle up to me to make me feel happy. When I’m happy we just… play. They look after me like if I was theirs. They are loveable …not animals, but friends. They care so much, not just for me, but my family, too

My heroes are the best. I love them. I know they love me, too. They save me every day. They care for me. They are my heroes and nothing can change that.

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