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by Vikktoria from Legal, Alberta

My Hero!

My hero may be a dog, but he has inspired me in many ways! He had an awesome name and that name was Copper. He was an amazing hero to me, he was...

He was a friend when there was no great friend near. He would sleep with me when I had a bad dream. Copper would stay by my side when I was scared! Copper would play with me when I was very bored! But the weird thing was that he would follow me like to a friend's house or to the bathroom. I think I am his hero too.

I love my hero and I know he loves me to! But he got very sick then blind and then he died. But I will always remember and love my dog Copper and hero in many ways! I know he is waiting for me up there. I pray every night for him! Plus I know he loves me too! I picked Copper for my hero because he was there for me when I was hurt and he was with me when I was a kid - that's why I picked Copper, my hero!

By Vikktoria!

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