Curtis Cornish

by Dia

<center>My Dad in the Army! (from my father)</center>
My Dad in the Army! (from my father)

Curtis Cornish was born in Wilmington, Delaware. He is my hero because he helps people who are ill and suffering. Cornish also chooses to help people who have suffered from drugs. He goes to work everyday to help people in need. When I go there, I see that he is strongly determined to help these people who need him. Cornish was also in the Army and he helped the people in America when he was in war.

Cornish helps people in his care by going to talk to these people. Some workers just go to work for the money, but Cornish goes to work from Monday to Friday to help people who have lived on the streets and who have made bad choices in their lives. Cornish had a hard life growing up with 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Sometimes he thought that his life was hard, but then he saw and talked to people whose lives were more difficult. That is why Cornish is so caring and works so hard to stop these people from making bad choices and dying.

Cornish is really caring because he is always helping people from work and at home. Cornish always helps me and my brother when we are hurt or ill. Curtis Cornish had a choice to go into the Army to help the U.S.A. Curtis is not only a nurse; he also went to Egypt and Korea to help the Army. Cornish went there because there were problems. A lot of the men in the Army got hurt. Cornish was brave when he was in the war. He spent about a year away from the U.S. But Cornish always had his family in his heart and that is why he is always so positive and strong.

Curtis Cornish is my dad, a nurse, and he was in the Army. Cornish had a hard life while he was growing up, but he does a lot of things to help other people and his family. He’s a great dad and he is good at helping people, which teaches me to make the right choices. That is why Curtis Cornish is my hero.

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