Crazy Horse (Tashunke-witko)

by Courtney from California

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Crazy Horse

I think Crazy Horse is a hero to all Native Americans, and a real hero. He went though a lot in his life, but never gave up; he just couldn't let down his people like that. He was a clever war leader; he fought bravely in all his attacks. He was so brave that the his enemies were afaid of him and the army he led. Whether he won or lost, he just kept trying because he was so determind.

Crazy Horse was Oglala-Brule Sioux. He lived in present-day Rapid City, South Dakota. He was the son of a medicine man named Crazy Horse. When he was younger, he was given the name Curly. Curly's mother died when he was very young. His father married his deceased wife's sister, Spotted Tail, and together they raised Curly. He was later named after his father Crazy horse.

At the Battle of the Rosebud, Crazy Horse, and other war chiefs had to either leave their land and live on another land, or fight for their land. They decided to fight. Bravely, they led their warriors in repeated assaults that forced Crook’s troops to retreat. When the Indians attempted hit-and-run strikes, the soldiers tried to repel them. Crazy Horse, Gall, and other war chiefs led their warriors in repeated assaults that forced Crook’s troops to retreat. They cared so much about their people that they were willing to lose their lives for them.

Then, Crazy Horse's wife got sick, and he got arrested for planning another attack. He was going to be sent to prison, but he resisted arrest, and an Indian policeman stabbed him with a bayonet in his abdomen, puncturing both his kidneys. He died later that night.

What makes Crazy Horse a hero to me is that he was fearless and wanted to save his land and people from those who were trying to take it over. He didn't just sit around and let them kill his people and take his land, but he fought back, and he kept fighting up until the day he died. He did not succeed in making getting his land, but at least he tried, and made a difference. His people will always remember him as a strong, kind, and brave hero.

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