Brittney and Ronald Cuellar

by Chloe from Loveland

Brittney and Ronald Cellular. Imagine being a young couple in your early 20's and the two of you think almost nothing of yourselves yet you always think of others. Brittany and Ronald have always had a passion for God and missions. You might say that a hero is only the famous, and the heard of, but a true hero could be unknown. Brittany and Ronald show the qualities of kindness, determination, and bravery.

Kindness: Ronald and Brittney show kindness in their actions. They always care and try to help the ones in need. Some of the things that they do to show kindness are things such as not judging people by their sins or appearance but helping them accept the love of Jesus into their hearts. They do lots of volunteer work like, feeding the homeless and reading them Bible stories in their language (español), and going to the orphanage. The last act of kindness Ronald and Brittney show is treating people the way they would like to be treated, which is the Golden Rule in Matthew 7:12.

Dedication: this young couple spends hours every day studying the Bible with children, teens, and adults. Brittney decided that she needed to focus on her missions and move far from home to a foreign country because she made a promise to her team. The final thing that they do to show dedication is doing all of their actions for the glory of God.

Bravery: As I have said before Brittney left home for 3 years. But she wasn't the only one, so did Ronald. He went to Quito Ecuador (the jungle). Brittney does crazy things like going to the prison for Bible studies with the women. As you can see, her bravery is really shown through her faith.

Obviously you can tell that my heroes, Ronald and Brittney, show the qualities of kindness, dedication, and bravery. The big picture: the main point on kindness is that they care about others before themselves. The big picture on dedication is the way that they persevere in this mission together. And the final point is bravery - the fact that a little shy Brittney would trust completely in God and go move to Sucre Bolivia (South America) is being super brave. I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my sister and brother in law and maybe someday I could share more with you. The End :)

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