Animals Heroes

David Attenborough

by Lianna from Nanjing

My hero is David Attenborough, he is in his 80’s. He comes from England. Born in London 8th of May 1926, younger brother of Richard Attenborough an actor. When he was young he loved to collect stones, fossils and other natural specimens. He received encouragement in this pursuit at age 7. Later on his mother adopted two Jewish refugee girls from Europe. A few years later his adopted sister gave him a piece of amber that he really loved, full of lots of prehistoric bugs. In 1965 he married Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth, they had two kids named Robert and Susan, but later on she died.

David Attenborough is a natural historian who went around the world making all sorts of amazing films on nature. From 1965 to 1969 he was controller of the BBC 2. Attenborough is a lover of animals. In April 2005 he was awarded the Order of Merit by the queen of England for making his amazing movies for over 30 years David Attenborough is famous because he made lots of amazing interesting and entertaining films. One of them was Life on Earth which 500 million people watched worldwide! When he started making films people lied them so much that they were the first films in Briton to be in colour.

I think I need to be more like my hero because I think he is most of the good things, he is clever, a communicator, principled, caring, selfless and a risk-taker. When i grow up I should be more like him.

He is really important to me because he is helping people to understand the wonders of nature and why nature is important to us. He is a loving, caring and intelligent man. That's why he is my hero. When I grow up I also want to work with animals! So I will follow in his footsteps!

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