David Bowie

by Griffin and Aiden from Cincinnati (Brian Duffy) (Brian Duffy)

What is a hero? What do they do? How does one become a hero? A hero is someone who does something charitable and still remains humble. An inspiration. A role model to aspire to be. David Bowie was a hero because he has worked for countless charities, influenced multiple contemporary artists, and always made time for his fans and still remained humble while doing so. (Masayoshi Sukita) (Masayoshi Sukita)

David Bowie was a musician and pop culture icon whose popularity never saw its cessation. Spanning from the 1950s all the way into the 21st century up until his career finally met its end when he died in 2016. Bowie was truly a selfless man, donating his time, money and effort to numerous charities such as the Keep a Child Alive Foundation, which helps children in Africa living with AIDS and poverty. David would partake in many fundraisers for AIDS research. It takes a lot to go out of your way to make someone else's life a little better. He was always thinking of others.

David Bowie, Aladdin Sane ( (Brian Duffy))
David Bowie, Aladdin Sane ( (Brian Duffy))

David Bowie was truly an inspiration to all. He influenced countless contemporary artists such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce, as well as the late Lou Reed. Bowie paved the way for glam rock as well as pop culture in general. In the early stages of rock and roll, "there was David Bowie and Iggy Pop - people who had something to say and had quite an impact on music and society" (Manson). Bowie set the stage for what people could do with their music - rather than just a cool beat and some nice lyrics, you can send a message. Bowie was truly an inspiration.

David Bowie, Hunky Dory ( (Brian Ward))
David Bowie, Hunky Dory ( (Brian Ward))

A hero is someone who does something charitable and still remains humble. An inspiration. A role model to aspire to be. That is what defines a hero. David Bowie fits all of our criteria of heroship. He donated his time and money to those who were less fortunate than him. He was an inspiration for many and influenced such artists as Lady Gaga. He was a role model for many, always making time for the fans.

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