Dian Fossey

by Hannah from Lafayette Hill

Dian Fossey is my hero because she risked her life to help mountain gorillas in Rwanda. She moved from California to Rwanda and took care of eight groups of gorillas. Everyday she would go and protect them, film them and study them. She lived in a little hut in the middle of a forest with the gorillas.

Dian was fifty-three when she passed away, she was found in her room in her little hut with her head off. It is believed that poachers did this because she was preventing them from getting gorillas and selling their bodies. Although, all her greatest possessions that a poor poacher would take were all untouched, and it is also believed that it may have been someone in her cabin with her, but there was a hole in the floor. They think that someone that wasn’t familiar with the little cabin would have tripped and then there would have been broken glass.

She lived most of her life with the gorillas. She was a good person, she risked all she had to keep this species from extinction and I think she is one of the greatest people.

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