Dian Fossey

by Tessa from Adelaide

The man who kills the animals today is the man who kills the people who get in his way tomorrow.
Dian holding a baby gorilla (!DianFossey.jpg)
Dian holding a baby gorilla (!DianFossey.jpg)

Dian Fossey was interested about animals her whole life. She went to San Jose University as a veterinary student. On her first trip to Africa in 1963 she saw mountain gorillas and became very interested in them. She soon moved to Rwanda in Africa. She moved to Africa because of the poaching problem that was happening. Dian was very determined to stop this.

Dian Fossey was born in San Francisco. She was born in 1932 on January 16th and died when she was 53, in 1985. Dian Fossey spend 18 years in Rwanda lived with the gorillas and earned their trust. While she was in Rwanda, Dian became very attached to a mountain gorilla called Digit. A few years later Digit was killed by poachers, because of this Dian started campaigning against gorilla poaching.

A magazine called National Geographic published a story about Dian and the poaching problem. The story caused a large number of donations. With the money she raised, Dian started a foundation called the Digit Fund. Dian dedicated her whole life to saving gorillas.

The qualities that Dian Fossey possesses are similar to Jesus because she helped gorillas who were getting killed and their habitat ruined. That was like Jesus because he helped people who were ill and who were very poor. Dian Fossey gave gorillas a voice so she could help protect them. She raised lots of money and started a foundation for gorillas. This was like Jesus because he put himself before others.

Dian Fossey’s great work is still going on today. There are still researchers in Rwanda studying and protecting the mountain gorillas. Her work has helped the world’s awareness of the mountain gorillas. Mountain gorillas are now protected by the Rwanda Government and other international organizations. Dian has motivated me with her great work and I hope you too become very motivated to help animals.

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